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Yass Eco Green

Businesses that Contribute to Eco Green in Yass, NSW

When it comes to eco-friendliness, Yass in New South Wales, Australia is not one to be left behind. With environmental consciousness becoming more prevalent among businesses, it is easy to find companies that prioritize sustainability and take steps to minimize their impact on the environment. Here are just a few businesses in Yass that contribute to Eco Green:

1. Kyeema Gallery and Cafe

Kyeema Gallery and Cafe is a popular spot for coffee, food, and art in Yass. But beyond its delicious meals and fantastic art displays, Kyeema Gallery also makes an effort to be environmentally-friendly. For starters, the cafe uses locally-sourced produce - a sustainable practice that reduces transportation emissions and supports local farmers. It also serves its drinks in reusable cups, and its takeaway food containers are biodegradable. This means that customers can enjoy their meals without leaving any single-use waste.

Address: 15 Meehan St, Yass NSW 2582
Phone: (02) 6226 2557

2. Yass Valley Council

As the local government authority, the Yass Valley Council understands the impact that human activities can have on the environment. That's why the council has several initiatives in place that promote sustainability. For instance, it runs household waste and recycling programs, which encourage residents to separate their waste and recycle wherever possible. Additionally, it has started a program to replace streetlights with energy-efficient LED bulbs, reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.

Address: 209 Comur St, Yass NSW 2582
Phone: (02) 6226 1477

3. Yass Valley Information Centre

The Yass Valley Information Centre helps tourists and travelers discover the best that Yass has to offer. But as an eco-friendly business, it also promotes sustainable practices. The information center sources its electricity from renewable energy, and it encourages visitors to use public transport or bicycles when exploring the town. Additionally, the center provides information about eco-friendly attractions in the area, such as the Yass River Walk and the Wetlands Park, which allow visitors to enjoy nature without harming it.

Address: 259 Comur St, Yass NSW 2582
Phone: (02) 6226 2557

4. Yass Subway

Even a fast-food chain like Subway can do its part for the environment. Yass Subway has implemented sustainable practices such as using compostable containers for takeaways and recycling its waste whenever possible. Even more impressive, the restaurant has started a program that converts used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel, which can be used to power vehicles. This transforms waste into a valuable resource and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Address: 101 Comur St, Yass NSW 2582
Phone: (02) 6226 1876

5. The Yass Tribune

As a newspaper, The Yass Tribune has a responsibility to print on paper while reducing its carbon footprint. The newspaper utilizes 100% recycled paper for all its printing, minimizing both its demand for virgin paper and its waste output. Additionally, it has optimized its production processes to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing recycled paper, The Yass Tribune shows that even traditional industries can make a big difference in eco-friendliness.

Address: 156 Comur St, Yass NSW 2582
Phone: (02) 6226 1477

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the businesses in Yass that prioritize sustainability and contribute to the Eco Green movement. From cafes to newspapers, from the government to fast-food chains, these businesses show that environmental consciousness is achievable in any industry. By reducing waste, using renewable energy, and supporting local producers, these businesses set an example for others to follow. By supporting these businesses, residents and tourists alike can make a difference in protecting the planet.

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